Nutrition and the Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Hippocrates of Kos (Greek physician of the Age of Pericles) said “Let the food be the medicine and let the medicine be the food”.

When you are pregnant, that s definitely true. A healthy, and nutritious diet will do miracles for you and your baby.

Today, there is plenty of food choices for us to eat, but the hard truth is that, in the long run, most of the foods are harmful to our bodies.

If you look closely, In most of the diets, you can find additives, preservatives, chemicals, processed foods, genetically modified foods, etc. that are externally dangerous to our health, especially for your baby health.

The main cause of obesity ( which became an epidemic if you ask me), diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive issues, and other problems that skyrocketed in the last few years – is our diet. 

Changing your eating habits can’t be done in one night, and don’t you think that your power-of-will will drive you through the hard times. You will have to start with small changes until you’ll have healthy eating habits. That’s why it’s important for you to start to make the changes before your pregnancy, at least 3 months before. In that why you can easily change your bad eating habits into healthy habits from day one of your pregnancy. 

How many calories should I consume?

Almost any women afraid of gaining weight, that they start to consume fewer calories than needed which eventually can cause all of these foods craving feeling that in the end, you will gain weight.

You really don’t need to analyze and count every calorie you take, you do’nt need to be obsess with it, especially when you pregnant. Youve got your entire pregnancy to take some time off with counting. Don’t be mistaken it’s not a free pass to eat whatever you want, you need to eat sufficient food but healthy food.

Remember, eating less calories than needed often related to low birth weight, poor fetal development, weakness in the mother, etc. whatever weight you gain can be burnt off after childbirth.

In the other end – by consuming to many calories you can gain too much weight which can put you at risk for diabetes, heart problems, early labor, pre-eclamsia, etc. balance is the name of the game. Eat enough for both you and your baby. Eat healthy and eat in moderation. Before going any further, you will need to calculate your pre-pregnancy Recommended Daily Caloric Intake. This is actually just your normal caloric requirement if you were not pregnant.

You can find this out at

Let’s get back to the food that you should consuming during your pregnancy, healthy food is healthy food, dosent matter you age or gender, healthy food choices is always bebefcial. It’s only that right now is’t even more important to eat healthy since you have another life within you which is affected by your choices.

What food you must eat?

There is a saying in the fitness industry, “Calories are not created equal.” It’s means that calories from different foods don’t have the same impact on your body. What you think is more beneficial for you and your baby, eating 300 calories by eating 2 bananas and 2 apples or eating 300 calories from ice cream?

pregnant women eating apple

1. Eat whole foods

Let’s take for example a broccoli which is an whole food which also caled single-ingredient food. When you eat it, you know what it is and how it grew from the ground.

In the other end let’s take a white bread. Most of the people don’t know how it’s made, what ingredients are used and why it’s so white?

Once you pickup a food and you don’t know what it is and what ingredients are used to make it, it’s best for you to avoid this.  None of it is doing your body any favors. Avoid processed foods and stick to natural foods. White bread uses refined flour that is bleached white and all kinds of artificial ingredients go into making a loaf.

2. Eat fruits and veggies

Well, I guess that you already know this, but in case you don’t know, fruits and vegetables contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that do us good. Be consistent with your diet. You must eat this daily.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You can’t eat 7 apples on Sunday and expect to the same effect. It doesn’t work that way. Consistency is key.

3. Make sure you’re only eating good carbs

Yes, Carbs are healthy for us, even though the bad reputation that it recived duuring the years. This is especially true when you are pregnant. Carbs gives energy and bug amount of the required calories.

Again here, What matters is that you consume carbs from healthy sources. Fruits vegetables, whole-grain bread, potatoes, oats, quinoa, brown rice, etc. are all excellent carb sources.

Pizzas, white bread, white flour products, etc. are bad carbs that should be avoided.

4. Eat enough protein

Your protein should be received from lean meats, eggs, beef and beans.

These are essential too. Get your proteins from lean meats, eggs, beef and beans. Once again, “single-ingredient” is the key here. A few cuts of lean chicken breast are good. A chicken nugget is NOT good. A slab of steak is good. A few sausages are NOT good.

5. keep it organic if possible.

This can be a lliitle bit costy but it’s very beneficial, if you can afford organic food during your pregnancy, do it. Organic foods are free of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

In case that your budget does not allow you to go completely organic, then make sure some of the foods that you consume are organic.

Foods such as apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, spinach, and strawberries have been found to contain high levels of pesticides. So, try and keep these organic, if you can.

6. Eat the right kind of fat

Extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil are two of the best types of fat you can consume. In fact, of the two, the coconut oil is better.

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